About BSSMelb

Assalamualikum and Greetings friend!
First and foremost: the Brunei Student Society Melbourne (BSSMelb) would like to extend a sincere show of gratitude for your continuing support of this community. Your participation and support is vital in keeping our society a happy family! :)
Secondly: Welcome to BssMelbourne Website - after months of hard work, BssMelb is happy to present to you a new layout to our student website.
ABOUT BSSMelbourne
Our main Aims:
1. To provide Bruneians and Bruneian Residents with general advice (such as accommodation, education, transportation and restaurants in Melbourne);
2. To organise exciting events for Bruneians and friends;
3. To strengthen relationships between fellow Bruneians in Melbourne; and
4. Uniting Bruneians in and around the Australasian region.
Please feel free to contact us at bssmelb@gmail.com