May 23, 2011

Sembahyang Hajat and Doa Selamat


Dengan izin Tuhan Insya Allah, BSSMelb will be hosting an event for all the students who are facing their upcoming exams with a Sembahyang Hajat & Doa Selamat on Saturday, 28th of May 2011. This religious function will be held at the Melbourne West Mosque, Jeffcott Street at 4:45 pm and will be concluded with makan-makan after Sembahyang Isya’. We would most appreciate it if everyone can bring a bite to share, as
this is a potluck event. We would also appreciate it if everyone could bring along with them their sejadah and kitab Yaasin. This event will be led by our Religious Officer, Ahmad Za’aim.

The tentative program for the event is as follows:-

1645 - Arrival of guests

1712 - Azan bagi fardhu Maghrib
- Sembahyang fardhu Maghrib
- Sembahyang Hajat berjemaah
- Baca surah Yaasin & Tahlil
- Lepak nunggu2 sembahyang yawww

1839 - Azan bagi fardhu Isya’
- Sembahyang fardhu Isya’
- Makan-makan
- Doa Penutup

Saturday, May 28 · 5:00pm - 8:30pm

Islamic Council Victoria
66-68 Jeffcott St
West Melbourne 3003

All the best for everyone’s exam preparations and hope that pre-exam stress has not gotten the best of you guys yet! We hope to hear from everyone soon and Insya Allah we will see you on the 28th.


p.s. this event have been posted up on FB and for those of you who still have not yet join our group (BSSMelb) there, please do so as we would post up events and invite everyone from there to RSVP.

Have a good week! Hope to see most of you this weekend =)

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