March 14, 2011

Boot Camp!

Sometime in 2009, a handful of students started a ritual called Boot Camp. After a whole routine week of studying, working, going to classes and eating, we got the chance to meet up every Saturday morning (around 9am) at Carlton gardens, Melbourne, to burn some calories, de-stress ourselves, pump up some adrenalin rush and re-energize back at the start of our weekend. Best thing is, we'll be working out together, motivating each other throughout and just have fun! plus, it's free!

So, we're bringing back Boot Camp this year starting this weekend, 19th March 2011!

Here's a rough idea on how it'll be:

People will have to start showing up at 9.30am at our usual spot in Carlton Gardens (further direction will be given below) and warm-up will start around 9.45am - 10am sharp! which consists of slow jogging around the garden and stretches.

Then, the real deal begins! The 'instructor' will be shouting out 'orders' the whole time and everyone's gonna have to keep up! We're not going to spoil the fun. All we're going to say is...prepare to be surprised and that we will definitely have a good time!

To loosen up, we'll have a friendly football after the Boot Camp where everyone and anyone can just join the fun of kicking a ball around.

To end the wonderful workout, we always do what we, Bruneians, do best.......MAKAN!

hehehehehehe. we deserve it  *winks*

yes, we usually go straight after with our sweaty, smelly selves, stinking up a restaurant during lunch time in a group and eating as if we've never eaten for days! hahaha

But we promise you, you will never enjoyed working out like how you've worked out in Boot Camp (or maybe it's just us). Pictures from the past have been posted up at the 'Snapshots' tab. Please go check it out and see for yourselves =)

Really hope to see most of you there this Saturday.

How to get there:

The red X marks our spot at the Garden

By Train: Get off at Parliament Station and walk down Spring St towards the Garden.
By Tram: Take any tram on Bourke St towards Parliament and get off at the Victoria Parade/Nicholson St Stop and walk towards the Garden to your left. Or, take the City Loop tram and stop at La Trobe St./Victoria St.

Be sure to have one of our numbers saved in your phone. Just in case =)

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