March 25, 2011

Weekend Market Heaven!

I am literally itching for the weekend to come already!  

"Finders Keepers,  Losers Weepers" ...
You definitely won't walk away weeping after heading down to "The Finders Keepers" market this weekend in Docklands, Melbourne!  

The market is FREE entry for all 
and features a great music line up for both days! 
...and shopping too :)

If you have a keen appreciation of handmade arts and crafts, and unique designs then this definitely is for you  (as it is for me hehehe) ! Here's a link to some of the stalls that will be featured this weekend.  

Come Sunday and you're not all marketed out by then, best you head down to Flemington Racecourse and enjoy a traditional Melbourne Crafts Market.  I've been to several myself and especially enjoyed the fresh produce, arts and crafts, especially the HOME MADE JAM and CHUTNEYS!   And not to mention how close it is and conveniently located to the city!  
For an idea on what to expect, this video snippet from an episode of Postcards in 2010 covering markets in Melbourne is superb.
Flemington Racecourse, 
Epsom Rd, Flemington.
(Melway Map: 42 F1)
9am to 2pm. FREE ENTRY.
Further information can be accessed at the Craft Markets Australia website

I'll almost definitely be going to both markets on Sunday.  Hope to see you there..
K xx

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