March 8, 2011

Negaraku, Brunei Darussalam

Good Morning beautiful people!

Hope everyone have recovered from a good weekend (Cos having to spend close to 3 hours in a room with other 45 Bruneians in Melbourne can be abit too much.......of (Bruneian) FUN! and now, it's time to put our thinking cap back on for uni/school/work =)

BSSMelb would like to thank everyone who came to the event, especially those who came all the way from Frankston and Kilmore. Didn't expect to have such a great turnout and for that, we are forever thankful! We really hope everyone had a good time and will keep on supporting us by coming to our events.

Also, a special thank you to our Guest of Honour, Syed Rozman Syed Rahim, for attending the event (on a very short notice) all the way from Canberra. Hope everyone had a chance to talk to him, especially the scholarship students, and for the private students who have not yet register to the Brunei High Commision, please do so ASAP by filling in a form and sending it to the Education Attache Unit of Brunei High Comm.

The form can be downloaded here

Congratulations again to the winners! and for the losers, not to worry, there will be more quizzes/competitions/activities coming up so better start preparing! Who knows we might have a quiz on Brunei history on our next event ;)  (According to legend, who founded Brunei??)

Here are some of the pictures that were taken during the event:

More pictures are available on the 'Snapshots' tab 

Any feedbacks, comments, critics (?) on the event will be very beneficial towards developing BSSMelb as we are trying to accommodate everyone's needs based on convenience, cost, safety etc. and as the National Day Celebration was our first event to host, we are not expecting it to be....WOW....the first time hehe. So, there is still room for improvement and we appreciate any response we get.

We are also taking in advice and/or suggestions on what activity/event you would like us to arrange/have in the future. All this, you could leave a comment on the blog, or on the chatbox or you could just email them to us. orrr.....use the Facebok group or tweet about them or simply just....SMS one of us ( preferably Izzat or Safarul ;D hehehe ) they're really nice people. we all are! =)

A quick shout out to Khalillah and Naasirah for making and contributing the Jala and Cornflakes cup for the event (too bad we didn't get to take pictures of them). They were ah-maazingg! So, Thank you!

Wrapping up,

There will be an activity and/or an informal, laid-back gathering coming up very soon and once we've got the 'OK' from the crew, we'll spread the news. Keep checking this blog for the latest updates.


........who still remembers berapa numbor simpang Gadong??

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