March 22, 2011

An inspirational piece

  The trials and tribulations of being an international student, especially more so when based in the beautiful state of Melbourne, Victoria.

 *The location: Dining hall in my lovely house located in... somewhere, infront of my housemate Felicia Tan, Diko, Jessica and Issac, all busy studying and doing their assignments. ( I'm suppose to be doing my assignment right now but heck who cares. I decide to write a meaningful (well hopefully meaningful) piece for this site with the hopes of inspiring students, friends and maybe passerby's to this BSS blog while my housemates are busy studying!)

To begin with, I start off with a quote and a youtube link ( above, so click play on it while you read this)

" Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get"

  Life ,as I have always known it, has always been all about a series of many changes. Being in my shoes, I've seen so many changes around and within me. From the way how I use to live my life to the many changing faces, location and sceneries that I get to experience everyday. when I first decided to move abroad, I do have to admit that it wasn't easy. Leaving all things that I'm so familiar with like my friends, family, home and car wasn't an easy decision but there comes a point in life where you just have to do it. One of the many things in life that I have learned is that there isn't really a good time for anything and if it wasn't now, then when's the best time anyway. A change in environment, a change in lifestyle and friends and maybe a shot in life. Change can be either a good or bad thing and only time can tell whether the change associated with our life was a good one or not because at the moment, we are just too darn young to understand the implications of a small change to the greater outcome of our lives. All that we can do is just try our best to adapt to these changes.

  Earlier in the year, I had a meaningful conversation with one of the Bruneian based here in Melbourne. Our topic of conversation was about how people change with time. Like every meaningful conversations, it was... of course meaningful and very relevant to our everyday lives here in Melbourne. Staying here for a close 3 years, I have experienced the highs along with the low's that are so closely associated with change and with so many changes that's coming along the way, one wonders where does the future lie for us. As Liam Gallagher once said "tomorrow doesn't know what it doesn't know too soon."

  Now, if only life is predictable in a sense that you can forsee what is coming towards you. Everything would be so much easier. Unfortunately for us, life is ambiguous and every step taken in any direction in life is a mystery. You can either be an initiator or a reactor when it comes to dealing with changes in life. This means that you can either initiate the change you want in your life or you react to the changes around you and adjust accordingly. This all depends on how you want to live your life. I for one, have absolutely no idea where does life want to take me but I do live my life being driven by the search of something epic, something breath taking or something that's just life changing.

  Be your own man (or woman) and create your own destiny, start a new chapter in your life and for gods sake, get a move on with life and find that rainbow.

  By now you're probably asking yourself, who on earth is this writer? It doesn't matter. Who the person is, is of no importance. What he does, is.I am just merely a writer.

  I shall end this piece with a favourite quote of mine taken from James Hetfield

" forever trusting who we are, and nothing else matters."

                                                                                 S.I  XVIII.IX

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