March 1, 2011



As you all might have known, BSSMelb has been around since 2007. This year, we're gonna start off with a BAM! (Bruneians Around Melbourne HEHEHEHE). This year, we're starting afresh and we're blowing off the old cob(webs) *pun intended lololol. This year will be a year you will never forget. This year...... blablabla.

On a more serious note:
Brunei Student Society Melbourne (BSSMelb) is a student organisation committed in assisting Bruneians in the many aspects of student life here in Victoria. We aim to work closely with... our members in creating a memorable experience and an easier transition living away from home. BSSMelbourne liaises closely with the Brunei Darussalam High Commission in Canberra and aspires to ensure the welfare of our Bruneian community and particularly also in encouraging and fostering ties amongst our members. This year BSSMelbourne aims to provide a line up of events and opportunities for members to meet with other Bruneians over Religious, Sporting and Cultural events for instance. 

Bah cukuptah. Too serious.

BSSMelb is a society that is revolved around us fellow Bruneians. So please do get involved... You know you miss the language, the Bruneian jokes and all that jazz! The only way to solve this 'aku rindu...' issue is by being surrounded by Bruneians ;) If you'd like to confirm that BSSMelb is a fun, outgoing society, you can.... come to our events, you'd be treated like family and you won't be disappointed!

Negaraku, Brunei Darussalam.

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